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Denver CO 2016 Gulf Stream BT CRUISER 5210B

Denver CO - New 2016 Gulf Stream BT CRUISER 5210B

The Gulf Stream BT CRUISER 5210B is an RV that you may refer to as the little guy or the baby in the family of traveling vehicles. The unit has all of the accommodations and features that you will need with you as you travel to different areas, but it doesn’t have all that extra bulk that you don’t need. It’s the perfect model for a couple, a person who is riding solo, or someone who just doesn’t see the need for unnecessary space that no one will ever use. The Denver CO 2016 Gulf Stream BT CRUISER 5210B is an excellent “basic necessities” vehicle when it comes to size, but it does not compromise quality in the least. If you are a person who likes small vehicles that have big capabilities, then this may be just what you need. Contact Century RV and ask for Gulf Stream BT CRUISER 5210B info so you can find out more. This model is for sale at Century RV along with many other Denver RV sales.

The Denver CO 2016 Gulf Stream BT CRUISER 5210B Interior

The interior journey in this model starts in the front of the vehicle with its welcoming seating and setup. The manufacturer knew how important it would be to have the best seating possible just in case you have to take long trips. It did an excellent job of making your vehicle capable of taking some extended trips. The front area has two overhead storage compartments and a TV mount in the middle. The living room area has two jack knife sofas that are directly across from each other. Each of those sofas has an overhead storage area. You also have a full kitchen with a full refrigerator, double-compartment sink, three-burner stove and an overhead microwave. You can entertain your guests perfectly if you do desire to cook food for them. Your bathroom is full, and it has a toilet, a sink and a tub with a shower. You have everything that you need for your long-term or short-term excursion. All you need is someone who is as excited about minimalistic living or traveling as you are. If you have a person or people who feel that way, then you may just have yourself some traveling partners.

The 2016 Gulf Stream Exterior Features

The exterior features are just as awesome as the interior features are. The front of the unit has the appearance of a typical everyday truck. The driver’s side of it has two RV windows and one window on the front. The other side has the door and a large window. The unit comes with a ladder on the back of it, as well. In fact, there is not much that you need that this vehicle does not have. The color of it is an interesting tan color with touches of dark brown and white. The windows are tinted and the LED lights are bright. It is an overall attractive vehicle that may even have a bit of sports appeal to it. It can interest people of all ages and classes.

Gulf Stream BT CRUISER 5210B Info About Mechanical Features

You have access to a ton of mechanical features such as an electric awning that has LED lights. You can listen to the fantastic speakers that come with this vehicle, too. You can also have some features such as a powerful 25K BTU furnace, built-in monitor, backup camera and a wonderful motor. The weight of the vehicle is 11,500 pounds. The height is 10 feet and 6 inches. The width is 8 feet and the length is 22 feet and 1 inch. You will have so many positive features to enjoy in the vehicle that you will not want to get out of it. Ask the local dealership serving Denver Longmont Colorado about Denver RV sales.

Schedule a Test-Drive Now

Are you ready to make a decision? If you have heard all of the 2016 Gulf Stream information, and you think that this vehicle may be a good fit for you, then your best bet is to Contact Century RV and schedule a full viewing and test-drive. The patient viewing will give you a chance to review every aspect of this vehicle so that you can see if it is for you. You will be able to get a feel for the amount of space you will have as well as the bed and chair comfort. You can get some ideas about how you may want to arrange your things if you decide that you would like to buy this model. The test-drive will give you an idea of how much power this model packs. It will also let you see if the front seat and pedal arrangement are suitable for you. One of the most important factors to weigh on any vehicle is whether or not it will provide a sense of comfort for you. If the answer is yes, and you feel like the unit has significant power, you can go ahead and let the salesperson know. He or she will negotiate with you and then move you along to the next part of the process, which will mostly be visiting the finance manager. This special RV is available for sale at Century RV serving Denver Longmont Colorado. Get into the dealership and check it.

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