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Denver CO - 2017 Gulf Stream BT CRUISER 5270B

Denver CO - 2017 Gulf Stream BT CRUISER 5270B

The 2017 Gulf Stream BT CRUISER 5270B comes fully equipped and together. You don’t have to attach anything to it. All you have to do is get behind the wheel and drive to your heart’s content. Take a trip around the country. Go on a camping excursion/adventure with your children. Get lost somewhere and go write a book. This model is perfect for a free-spirited individual who doesn’t mind not having everything planned. The model has room to accommodate up to four people who want to sleep in the vehicle. The following is some additional information that you can use to help you make your decision on whether you would like to purchase this particular model. contact Century RV serving Denver Longmont Colorado for Denver RV sales.

2017 Gulf Stream BT CRUISER 5270B Interior

Calling the inside of the vehicle amazing would be doing it an injustice. Perhaps spectacular is a good term to use, but even that seems a bit underwhelming. The front of the vehicle bears comfortable beige seating and multiple cubbies and cup holders for your items. The mid-frontal area has your accessories such as your heat, display screen, radio and so forth. You have a gigantic living room type area that has one super-long couch and one little couch. You will also have a double-sink kitchen area and a full dinette. Your kitchen has a stove, fridge and microwave area. Cabinets, secret compartments and pantry areas are all over the place. The bathroom is cute and quaint. You have access to a full shower and tube in the bathroom. The master bedroom has a king-sized bed and all the comforts of a regular room such as two closets and windows. Contact Century RV serving Denver Longmont Colorado for Denver RV sales.

Denver CO 2017 Gulf Stream BT CRUISER 5270B Exterior

The exterior of this vehicle is attractive for what it is. It’s the perfect size. It’s not too big and not too small at all. The model has a 500 pound hitch, E450 V-10 chassis with brake connect and a 7-way controller. The colors of the exterior are white, blue and gray. Ask for BT CRUISER 5270B info now so you can get a full picture of what this model has to offer.

Denver CO 2017 Gulf Stream BT CRUISER 5270B Mechanical Features

The mechanical features on this model are plentiful. You will have access to an AM/FM radio, 13,500 BTU roof air conditioner, speakers, built-in monitor and more. The dry weight of the vehicle is 10,779 pounds. The fresh water capacity is 40 gallons. The black and grey capacities are both 35 gallons. Call someone for more BT CRUISER 5270B info immediately.

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Gulf Stream has many years behind its belt as a manufacturer. It has been creating vehicles and trailers for travelers for the past 30 years. Whatever you need, you can find it in a Gulf Stream option. Whether you have a large load or large family or you just want to travel alone, Gulf Stream has got your back. Sift through the catalog of Gulf Stream vehicles and find one that attracts you. The company sells many of them. They make everything from solo units to units that are fit for an entire football team. You’ll find a wide variety of this company's vehicles and trailers at Century RV.

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