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Boulder Area Georgetown RV dealership

Boulder Area Georgetown RV dealership

Maybe you dream of going on a family holiday with a motorhome. Therefore, you may want to buy a motorhome in the Boulder area, but you may also wonder what to do. You may wonder, "How do I decide on the right motorhome?"

Therefore, feel free to read this article on the different types of motorhomes. This article will help you learn how to buy a motorhome and the critical points to consider when you visit your Georgetown RV dealership, serving Boulder Colorado. Therefore, here are some points to take into account and to check before buying a vehicle, whether it is new or used.

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Here are my tips to prepare for the purchase of your motorhome from a Georgetown dealership. To provide an example, I advise against getting a motorhome that is too high because you will have to worry about wind impacting your ability to drive the RV. Remember, the purchase price of a motorhome from Century RV will also be affected depending on the choice of the finish of your vehicle, selected options such as heating options, etc.

The safest way, to be honest, is to try renting a motorhome. That way you can determine if you like the model of the motorhome by driving it for a while before you buy it. There are several types of motorhomes. Different types of motorhome also offer different possibilities.


You may wonder, "How do I choose a motorhome from a Boulder area Georgetown RV dealership?" What level of comfort do you want? Remember, a motorhome is not an unattainable dream.

To provide an example, some motorhomes have a central bed, bunk beds, twin beds, etc. Remember, at the time of resale, the price changes according to the age of the motorhome. Therefore, think about what you will do when it comes time to resell the RV you purchased from your Century RV Georgetown dealership, serving Boulder Colorado.

Boulder Area Georgetown RV dealership - 2018 Forest River GEORGETOWN 31R5 INTERIOR


Boulder Area Georgetown RV dealership - 2018 Forest River GEORGETOWN 31R5


Select a motorhome whose resale will be facilitated by its set up. Check the prices for different motorhomes to find the one that fits your budget. Ask yourself, "How many people will be in the vehicle (number of places)?" Also, if you just use the camper for only a few weeks a year, I recommend you to opt for a rental.

Will you stop at a camping area, a service area or a wild camping area? The number of beds can also differ. Adapted to travel with family or friends, economical and offering unlimited freedom, the motorhome has become the preferred means of transport for travelers.


The know-how of different motorhome brands also tends to level out (except for luxury brands). That is because motorhome factories have become more assembly sites than manufacturing sites, and many of the types of equipment and accessories used are the same with all brands. Let's just say that the big names have structured themselves a lot to respond to the requests relayed by the dealers efficiently.

For purchases of motorhomes made before the year 2000, I do not recommend the purchase of fitted panel vans because at the time the vehicles were less protected from corrosion than they are now. Therefore, be as vigilant as possible and take your time so that you do not miss out on one or more defects. You may plan extended itinerant stays, small getaways, trips in any season, tours for two people or excursions for a family.

Your projects will guide you in your choice of a motorhome. Despite the solicitations, the commercial offers and the last-minute rebates, keep a cool head. As for a smaller motorhome, it is discreet, manageable and compact. Therefore, there are benefits that you may reap from a more modest motorhome. On the other hand, new motorhomes, with a retractable bed above the living room, can accommodate up to six beds, as much well as the queen category of beds long favored by families.

Therefore, you must compare very carefully the number of seats available and the number of sleeping places, which may be different (e.g., four chairs, five sleeping areas). Do you want to use your motorhome all year or only in the summer season? The height of a motorhome is also a significant aspect to consider.

Make sure that the clean water pipes and the reserve are heated daily. Remember, when a brand has a better reputation than another, it is mainly thanks to the efficiency of its after-sales service. As a seasoned buyer, you should always keep in mind that a vehicle depreciates quickly, so that its market value decreases, while the financial burden is still high.

Remember, motorhome manufacturers have spare parts for nearly 20 years. After this period, they exhaust the remaining stocks, so there are some pieces that can not be easily found anymore. To provide an example, a broken windshield is not always easy to repair, and only larger brands usually have spare parts in stock.

The more comfortable a motorhome is, the easier it is to handle (the longer it is), and the heavier it is. Going camping can make you choose equipment that will run without gas (refrigerator and heating in particular), and a bathroom is not necessarily necessary. Do you plan to travel with a family, or with only two people?

A more comfortable motorhome provides a convenient bed, a more substantial fridge, a large cargo area, more extensive water tanks, etc. Also, do a check of the sewage system before you buy a motorhome. Run all the faucets and check for leaks. Also, check out the vehicle as the water must not flow out under the motorhome.

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