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Boulder Area Rockwood RV dealership

Boulder Area Rockwood RV dealership

Here are some tips to help you find the right motorhome for you in the Boulder area. How will you use the vehicle? Will you take long or short trips?

Before buying a motorhome, many questions must be taken into account. This article will help you guide your thoughts and your steps until the end of your Rockwood RV dealership motorhome purchase project. Remember, your Century RV dealer is only a short drive from Boulder.

Boulder Area Rockwood RV dealership - 2016 Forest River ROCKWOOD A122TH EXTERIOR


Boulder Area Rockwood RV dealership - 2016 Forest River ROCKWOOD A122TH INTERIOR


A motorhome is an expensive purchase. However, there are also so many to choose from that we do not know where to turn. In this article, I suggest my ideas for choosing and buying your first RV. Therefore, here are some shopping tips that will help you learn how to choose the right motorhome from your Boulder area Rockwood RV dealership.

What kind of interior should you choose? Think about the equipment and accessories you may want. Remember, more expensive motorhomes have more advantages. Also, think about the weight of everything you will load in the RV when going on vacation, not to mention the added accessories (tv, solar panel, bike rack, antenna, etc.) that should be subtracted from the available weight limit.


If you want to travel freely, and without constraints, then the motorhome is for you. The bed must also, of course, be as comfortable as possible. As for the motorization of a motorhome, we advise you to choose a vehicle with a high weight/power ratio.

The bathroom must also be as functional as possible. A motorhome may become your second home. Indeed with many motorhomes, the living room is large, and many amenities and creature comforts are available: refrigerator, freezer, shower, etc.

Boulder Area Rockwood RV dealership - 2016 Forest River ROCKWOOD A122TH INTERIOR


Boulder Area Rockwood RV dealership - 2016 Forest River ROCKWOOD A122TH


Also, whether in the specialized press or on the net, you will find there are good numbers of used cars available for sale from a dealership. When it comes to autonomy, we must not forget or neglect the importance of the various drinking or wastewater reserves. Also, if you want to ride on paths, the ideal is a motorhome that allows you to switch to 4X4 when needed.

Maneuverability not only appeals to new generations of users, but also to experienced motorhome operators who no longer want to be burdened by a large model that is difficult to park. As a result, maneuverability makes a motorhome much more manageable and less cumbersome. Remember, with a larger motorhome it will take a little time to adapt to master the vehicle adequately.


Also, choose the right layout. The less agile people will avoid the beds accessible by a ladder, as well as the double beds available from only one side. At the level of the advantages, it must be admitted that a motorhome with more interior space is considerably more convenient, which directly affects comfort.

Remember, the more you want to bring luggage and bring back gifts, the more the payload decreases. Feel free to rent a motorhome for a week or two to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each model. Some dealers have understood this and included a week rental in their offer.

To choose well, there are several criteria that you need to know perfectly. To provide an example, access must be simple and easy inside the camper as well as access to the different rooms. On the day of the transaction, ask your salesman to have a motorhome ready to drive off the lot: full of water, fridge on, route heating on, etc. This will simplify your day.

Classify your priorities (autonomy, comfort, size, motorization, etc.) according to your aspirations, and also according to your contingency plans. Remember, on some models, the extended length of the area beyond the rear axle may cause problems: difficulty at a ferry exit, etc. Therefore, pay particular attention to the back overhang which can cause some problems on the models of some motorhomes.

Be sure also to compare the same vehicles, with the same engines and similar equipment when you look at motorhomes available around Rockwood. Also, the purchase of a motorhome does not require unique skills, but rather a taste for adventure and freedom. Here are some more tips for choosing your motorhome. First of all ask yourself these questions because your choice will be based on the following intended use: the season of use, climate, area, etc.

The question of how many people a motorhome can carry is vital because motorhomes cannot bring more people on board than the number indicated on the registration card. For everyday use, most motorhome vehicles are well insulated. On the other hand, if you will use your motorhome when the weather is cold, then you need for it to be better protected.

A motorhome bathroom is usually composed of a sink and a shower (which can be separated). Some motorhomes have more luxurious bathrooms than others. Therefore, if the style of the bathroom is important to you, make sure you get a motorhome that has a bathroom with all the accessories you require. Remember, your Rockwood dealer is just a short drive from Boulder.

A motorhome’s furniture should usually be made of wood, prepared by carpenters and delivered to the assembly line for assembly. Think about the options. Almost all motorhomes offer complete necessary equipment, even at the lowest prices: clean water, gas heating, full sanitary facilities, etc. What level of comfort do you want?

Another aspect to consider when making your motorhome purchase from a dealership is the number of people to be transported. Therefore, look at all the motorhomes available from Century RV, as well as see if the RV you want provides easy access to gas cylinders, drain valves, etc.

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