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Buying a Used RV at Century RV

The RV (recreational vehicle) is a great way to travel because you do not have to spend money on lodgings. However, as time passes, you are looking to get something new or slightly used to see the world in. That is where our company Century RV in Colorado can help. You can sell us your recreational vehicle or you can buy another one. We are also serving Denver Longmont Lakewood areas too.

When selling your Aspen Glenn, you should know that Century RV will give you the best price in town. You can bring it in and get a price quote after it is inspected for quality. There is a form you can fill out online as well so that a customer service agent can get a good idea of how much to quote you. Of course, that price can change upon actual inspection. Because we buy Aspen Glenn RVs, you know that if you are looking to sell one or get parts, we have the best in stock.

Colorado - 2019 Dutchmen ASPEN TRAIL 2750BHS EXTERIOR


Colorado - 2019 Dutchmen ASPEN TRAIL 2750BHS INTERIOR


We have over 15 different Aspen brands of recreational vehicles on stock. Yes, the RV is quite the popular tool because people love to travel and save money at the same time. Plus, no two are alike. Let’s take a look at some of the Aspen Glenn models we have to offer.

The 2019 Dutchmen Aspen Trail 2750 BHS model is a beauty. You will find when you walk in that the bunk beds are by the door. After that, you will see the refrigerator on one side, while the dinette table is on the other. There is also a sink and stove, with the microwave up top. Not only are provided plenty of cabinet space, but also a plug on the counter for either your toaster, blender, or coffee maker.


The entertainment area sits in the middle of the floor with a queen sized bed right behind it. This is where you put your flatscreen or any type or entertainment device so that when it’s time to settle in, you can relax. A couch is close by for you to kick your feet after a long day of driving. The vehicle does come with comfortable mattresses. You also get a cozy full size bathroom which comes with a standard bathtub. To keep things sophisticated, this travel vehicle comes with hardwood floors.

If you are wanting a recreational vehicle for just you and your spouse, the 2019 Dutchmen ASPEN TRAIL 2480RBS is a good choice. This travel trailer comes with only one bed, which is queen sized. It sits right behind the entertainment center just like its family equipped predecessor. However, the bathroom comes with a radius shower that sits off of the right after you walk in. The other essentials such as the couch, dinette table, the sink, stove, and refrigerator also added in. You will also notice that the Rustic color of the hardwood floor makes the trailer a bit brighter.

Colorado - 2019 Dutchmen ASPEN TRAIL 2750BHS INTERIOR
Colorado - 2019 Dutchmen ASPEN TRAIL 2750BHS INTERIOR


Another beautiful model is the 2018 Dutchmen ASPEN TRAIL 2710BH. You will notice as you walk in that this particular trailer’s door sits riighy next to the kitchen between the dinette table and entertainment center. You get a marble counter top that comes with a marble cover for the sink. The dinette table is marble too. So you get to have some luxury. The bunk beds do come in a closed style. You also get a full sized bathroom that comes with a bathtub for showering or bathing. Like all other models the entertainment area is in the middle of the floor with the queen sized bed behind it.


All of the 2018 Aspen models are very different. While they may offer the same amenities, their structure is altered. On the 2018 Dutchmen ASPEN Trail 25BH for example, everything else is the same except there is no entertainment center in the middle of the floor. There is a wall that gives a mini bedroom for the queen sized bed. On all 2018 models, that wall partition is very different. Some will give complete privacy while others won’t. So that means you can get a variety of travel trailer styles from what what from we sell. No other RV dealership in Colorado can rival our huge inventory. Because we buy Aspen Glenn RVs, no can top our used inventory either. These are cream of the crop models that we fix up for resell and the customers are satisfied. Do we take other models for resell? Yes. However, the Agoen Glen Trail modelnis the most popular among vacationing couples and families. If you need parts to fix your Aspen Glenn model we offer those too. We carry all the brand name parts to help keep your recreational vehicle going any for trip you want to take.

If you live in Colorado and want to sell your Aspen recreational vehicle. We are serving Denver Longmont Lakewood areas. So anyone from those locations are welcome to get a price quote for their travel trailer. So bring your trailer in or go online to see how much you can get. We make sure to give you a fair price and leave you happy with the results. Century RV is a leader in excellent resells of recreational vehicle. Come to see and so you can see for yourself. You will be a satisfied customer. Stop by now for your quote.

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