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Keystone Cougar RVs For Sale

Cougar  RVs For Sale  Colorado
Cougar  RVs For Sale  Colorado For Sale

Century RV is Colorado's largest Keystone Cougar Travel Trailer Dealer with a great selection of New and Used RVs for sale. Cougar has dozens of popular floorplans for you to choose from, including the incredibly popular Cougar Half-Ton Fifth Wheels, Mid-Profile Fifth Wheels and the Half-Ton Travel Trailers. View all Cougar floorplans below. 

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More about Cougar RVs

cougar rvs for sale brochureWe have two locations, one dealership in Denver and another in Longmont, Colorado. But we also service Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Grand Junction and all of Northern Colorado. Get your Free Cougar PDF by clicking on the icon to the right. 

Cougar RVs are "America's #1 Selling Brand". How can this be? Cougar knows exactly what RV buyers want in their next RV. They offer more features, innovative floorplans and higher quality. Keystone and Cougar stand behind their RV to give their customers the best experience and support. 

The Keystone Cougar is the #1 RV in its class for a very good reason: It's a 5th wheel that knows its audience and plays well to it. The amenities make sure that you feel right at home during every journey off the trail, but they also do a lot to give you an authentic camping experience as well. As Keystone says, they're building RVs for the long haul, and that means you're going to be traveling the world in their remarkable Cougar model for a long time to come.

Why We Trust the Brand

This brand of recreational vehicle has a long history of pleasing recreational vehicle travelers across the country with tremendous value on luxury 5th wheels. That's one reason we buy this brand. Century RV knows the luxury and value that they offer across the board on many decades worth of creations serving Denver Longmont Lakewood RVers with the finest 5th wheels on the planet. Here are just a few reasons that you might want to sell your 5th wheel to us.

Exceptional deals

When you sell your vehicle, you want the most bang for your buck, and as a successful dealership in the industry, we can do just that. When you bring your vehicle to us, we fully inspect it, take down its quality strong points, and make you an offer that it's going to be impossible to turn down. Why? Because we offer fair prices that help both buyer and seller while a lot of other dealerships only try to help themselves to your vehicle. Not us. We give fair offers!

Cougar RV Dealer Locations

We have two locations where you can purchase a Cougar RV: Our Denver Cougar Dealership and our Longmont Cougar Dealership. Of course we are just a short drive from Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Pueblo, Cheyenne Wyoming and Nebraska. We have over 65 Cougar RVs on our lot and we will compete with anybody. Give us a call to see about our pricing!

Great Incentives

We buy Cougar RVs, yes, but we also give you a lot of incentives to sell to us. We're not just going to offer you a bottom line price and expect you to be satisfied with it. Tell us why you expect more, and there's a good chance that you'll have more than just price as a reason to buy. Our incentives give you plenty of reasons to choose us as the dealership to sell your beloved recreational vehicle to. And our salespeople are knowledgeable and ready to recognize a good deal when they see one, so don't hesitate to barter! We're always game. 

Cougar Travel Trailers

A travel trailer is a practical choice for wilderness zones and is available at a Colorado Keystone RV dealership. This kind of RV can handle the harsh weather conditions because it's designed with a durable frame and a solid foundation.

On the road, this RV doesn't slow a truck down, as it's designed with a lightweight frame that enhances towing routines. Since the engine in a travel trailer is efficiently engineered to boost fuel economy, this RV never wastes gas throughout the longest towing situations.

In the cabin, there is a lot of interior space for everyone, which is why a travel trailer is typically used by large families. The d├ęcor in the unit benefits wilderness adventurers and casual travelers because many designers pieces have contemporary elements.

Travel trailers are built for long road trips throughout different states. However, these units also perform well during a traditional weekend getaway. RV trailers give passengers comfort and safety, and a family can custom the design in the cabin by taking advantage of the various floorplans.

Cougar Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheel units are designed for traditional or lengthy road trips, and you can obtain one of these vehicles by visiting a dealer that provides Keystone Cougar travel trailers. A Fifth Wheel unit has more than 150 floorplans, and all of the designs give travelers options that are practical and beneficial.

A general Fifth Wheel RV has a solid foundation that's enclosed. The protective material underneath the unit is important because it prevents environmental damage throughout long travel situations in risky wilderness environments.

Families can transport fishing gear and sports equipment in a Fifth Wheel unit confidently, as the cabin has efficient storage space. Passengers can take advantage of the available storage with ease since the entire unit is designed with pass-through construction.

When needed, a cook can prepare and serve a meal near some Fifth Wheel RV units by using the outdoor kitchen. If everyone wants to listen to music while eating outdoors, the entertainment center can provide the tunes.

After a major rainstorm, the process of leveling a Fifth Wheel unit is simple. If the terrain shifts, the one-touch hardware will level the foundation automatically.

Once the sun sets, a Fifth Wheel RV won't waste energy when everyone uses the lights. All Fifth Wheel units have LED lights that brighten the surroundings effectively without using tons of energy.

Cougar Destination Trailers

Destination trailers are built with traditional walls and laminated walls. These walls are strategically measured to maximum the interior space in the cabin.

Keystone Cougar travel trailer dealerships stock destination trailers with a kitchen area that includes an RV fridge or a residential refrigerator. Both options provide enough space for general snacks and beverages.

Cougar Toy Trailers

Toy trailers are suitable options for travelers who need flexibility and convenience while transporting heavy equipment. One of the most practical features in the cabin is the solid floors, which strategically protect cargo by increasing stability on the road. If something needs to be adjusted or tweaked in order to boost performance, the process of implementing the proper procedures is simple since all toy trailers are engineered with hardware that's easy to maintain.

By taking a trip while using these RV brands, you'll have space, lighting, comfort, and cooking options. In order to customize the floorplan in a travel trailer or Fifth Wheel vehicle, you must visit a Keystone Cougar travel trailer local dealership.